DIGI Security Systems
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Digi Security Systems

A full-scale rebrand, centered on vision and values


Digi needed a rebrand - bad. It needed a transformation from a mom-and-pop shop to a company with a national presence. We worked with Digi's leaders to develop the company's mission, vision, values, and a brand persona to match. We created a whole suite of new materials for the company's sales team. The result? Greater company pride and unprecedented growth. 

Positioning Digi for national growth

As the strategic partner for ZeroGroup, Spire has helped the brand launch its business. Our work has spanned digital, omni-channel experience, media, branding and integrated campaigns, supporting the company as it expands its presence into new markets, distribution channels, and product lines.

Creating consistency across all channels. 

We wanted a brand that says, "Damn". We got one with Spire.

- ZeroGroup

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