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Rooted Wellness Co
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Rooted Wellness

Holistic wellness tools for living a balanced life.


Rooted Wellness Co. needed a clean, fresh, and inspiring look, and the company needed to find a strong voice in a crowded market. We developed a brand that was feminine and bold, writing content that resonated deeply with many women seeking healthier living.

Gorgeous designs & authentic stories

Rooted started from a story - about two women struggling to find balance in their lives and in their health. It was important for the company to have a voice and content that reflected the rawness of the founders' experiences while emphasizing hope.   


Beautiful online store

Rooted's website features a beautiful online store that sells bakery items and meals. We designed an experience for users that's simple, easy to navigate, and quick.

Earthy color palette. Clean design. Honest writing.

Let's meet

Beer, lattes, cucumber water?

We’re not picky. Whatever you fancy, let’s sip it while we talk about you, your company, and where you want to take it.

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